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The is an online store products available on the Internet that created the company "SIDIRIKA CHARALAMPIDIS SA" VAT 094374175.
The company "SIDIRIKA CHARALAMPIDIS SA based in Thessaloniki, Demosthenesstreet 53 - 546 28 Thessaloniki Tel 2310754340 and has a Branch on Frangonstreet 20-546 25 Thessaloniki Tel 2310250352.
The use of governed by these terms and conditions which users are asked to read and comply with them. The purchases through the online store implies full acceptance of the terms you entered.

How To Order:
To get the products you are interested you can:
To make quickly and easily your order through our online store. You can select the products of your choice, place them in your shopping cart and follow the steps indicated to complete your order immediately. We will immediately contact you for market integration.
Please contact our customer service center phone 2310754340 from Monday to Friday 8:00 to 15:00 and our partners will be on hand to advise you on products that interest you and record your order.
The product codes are presented in our online store will help simplify the process of your order.
Please visit our store in 20, Frangon Street where the skilled staff will help you select which products are best suited to meet the needs and desires.

For further information or clarification, please contact us Monday-Friday 8:00 to 15:00 phone: 2310754340 Also you can visit our facilities or send email to:

Our company is the sole and exclusive ownership of all copyrights of content and structure of Web sites outside of creative ideas, graphic representations of development proposals and of the programming code are the intellectual property BUSINESS NET ARCHITEKTS SA in applicable to Law 2121/1993.

The company is not liable to customer for any damages that may result from the execution or not of their order. The company also reserved the time of delivery in cases of force majeure. The online store no guarantee can be provided for the availability of products in each case, however, guarantee that customer information on their unavailability.
In any case, the company's online store is not responsible for any legal or civil or criminal nature or for any direct or indirect loss or damage to any site users or others connected with the performance or nonperformance or use the website or inability to provide services or information available from the company or any unauthorized third party interventions in products, services or information available from it.

Customer Statements:
The Client guarantees the accuracy of the information given by our online store. Moreover, it is the responsibility of the coverage of any damage can be caused to our company and our store by using this Site and Customer's account by unauthorized persons by the Customer.

Personal Data:
Personal customer data are used, under Law 2472/97, for implementation and proof of their orders, providing personalized service and export statistics. These data are not transferred to third parties. The customer gives with this consent to storage and processing of personal data by us for purposes of execution and receipt of orders, to provide personalized services, export statistics, the mission in this promotional material and personalized offers, information on new products and services provided under the Law 3471/2006. Recipients of the file information to promote, support and service of the transactions may be associates of the company involved in the promotion and delivery of products and any financial institution through which the payment will be trading your explicit declaration. The Customer is within the scope of legislation on telecommunications, the right to information and provided for in Articles 11 to 13 of Law 2472/1997 on the personal data (at the written request of the Company) and may at any time it wishes to oppose the use of elements of e mail to view or promote new products / services. For the exercise of the right to object to the processing of data you can send email to

The company may use cookies to identify the customer. The cookies are small text files stored on your hard disk every customer, no knowledge of any document or file from the computer and used only to facilitate customer access to specific services and for statistical purposes in order to identify areas where services are useful or popular or for marketing. The customer can configure the server in order not to receive cookies, either in whole or in case. In such a case, the Customer may not have further access to such services.
The use of the Site are the sole responsibility of the visitor - client. We are not responsible for the malicious third party intervention.
Visitors to the website undertake not to harm third parties with malicious use of the Site and we will not violate their privacy.
The access and use of the Site implies the unconditional acceptance of these terms.


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