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In 1923, Vassilios Charalambidis and his family came as refugees from Constantinople in Turkey in Thessaloniki in Greece.


As a descendant of a traders family, he transfered the knowledge and the experience of the market in the new home.

 He, immediately in 1924,started a small company in the same object of business as in Constantinople.
Manufacture and marketing of handicrafts and wood toys.

The wood cutting, wood carving and pyrography was, previously, unknown activities in Greece.

The first years he imported the designs and patterns and also the necessary tools and supplies for this activity. After a sort time he designed and produced
the patterns by his self.


After his death on 25/1/1936, his children Joannis and Charalampos established a new  company by the name



Charalambos died into the first days of the war. The possession and then the civil war, substantially, inhibit the business.


Peace in the country creates the necessary conditions for the resumption of the business.
It is time now for a new period of commercial presence of the company in Thessaloniki.

A well organized marketing network developed quickly throughout Greece.
New investments expands the business in the production and marketing of wooden toys.

Sales are promoted with ads, exhibitions and demonstrations at schools.
The company participate in the Thessaloniki International Fair.
The presence of the offsprings, now on, helped the company to create the potential to expands the business in the field of hand tools and hardware market.

Vassilios Charalampidis takes part in the business and for the new company under the name “ Ioannis Charalampidis & Son OE “ begins a new season.

The hand tools and hardware market is now on the main business.

In 1972 the company moved to 10, Leondos Sofou Street.

After the death of Joannis Charalambidis on 2/2/1974,  the company continues the busines by the new name "Vassilios Charalampidis & Co." with Vassilios and Charalampos, the sons of Ioannis,.

 Turnover expanded and the company claims a good position in the Greek market..

In 1989, Vassiliki and Maria involved in family company.
The new company by the name "MARIA CHARALAMPIDIS & Co.” expands the business in the retailing market in a new store on 20, Fragon Street..

A landmark step in the history of the family business, in 1992, is the merger of the companies

"Vassilios Charalampidis & Co. “ and
”Maria Charalampidis & Co. "
in the new


In 1994 the registered office and wholesale moved to new premises in Kalohori, covering over 2.000sq.m and fully meet the modern requirements of storage organization.
The branch in 20, Fragon street remains as a retail store.

The smal family business of 1924 is now a modern economic entity in the area of distribytion and marketing, ready to face the future and its challenges.



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